Shining a Light on Maternal Mental Illness

Shining a Light on Maternal Mental Illness

Bringing a new life into the world is often envisioned as a joyous occasion, yet for many mothers in Australia, the journey into motherhood is accompanied by the shadows of maternal mental illness. In this blog, we approach the topic with compassion, shedding light on the toll of maternal mental illness in Australia and emphasising […]

Perinatal intrusive thoughts, OCD & psychosis

Rear view of mother holding baby boy at beach

Intrusive thoughts One of the potential symptoms of postnatal depression/ anxiety is persistent worries about the wellbeing of your baby.  These might include repetitive thoughts or images about your baby being hurt or harmed in some way and this can be one of the most difficult symptoms for new parents to endure. Sometimes these thoughts […]

PNDA: Risk factors, causes & treatment

Because there are a variety of interacting factors that cause PNDA, recovery often involves more than one approach, dealing with both internal and external stressors to address emotional and psychological health as well as attending to practical issues.