The Importance of Meeting Your Baby’s Needs:

The Importance of Meeting Your Baby's Needs

Empowering New Parents. A message to fellow parents and soon-to-be parents that may need to hear this! I don’t often write for this blog, but recently, I was at a conference and found a repeated message from new mums to be surprising:  the idea that new mums need permission to attend to their baby’s needs. […]

The Mental Load

Mental Load

By Emma Atkinson, Midwife Is this phrase something you have heard of? Mental load which includes emotional labour, is the invisible labour and brain effort made to manage a household, family, employment and relationships. It is the preparing, organising, anticipating, planning work needed to keep life running smoothly. This is an important concept to understand […]

Attachment Parenting

mother holding baby in sling

By Emma Atkinson, Midwife Attachment parenting sounded to me like a nightmare, as a parent who struggled with the new skills I was learning and felt “touched out” and overwhelmed a lot of the time. It seemed like an idea that was telling me to always be holding my child and never having the space […]