Responsive Parenting (Newborn)

Responsive Parenting (Newborns)

People are unprepared for the realities of parenting and it is hard at times. Reduce your anxiety and get some practical skills on navigating early parenthood as the best parent you can be. 

Responsive parenting is what it says on the tag – being responsive to your child. The parent observes their child signalling a need, the parent interprets the cue, and the child gets a prompt response to meet their need. Over time the child can predict they will receive a positive safe response. This shows their needs are important and that they are recognised as a unique individual. It also helps the caregiver to see the child as a tiny person that they are building a two-way relationship with and that both perspectives in the relationship are important. Remember babies have no agenda, they are having a hard time, not giving you a hard time. 


  • Practical skills and support in early parenting 
  • Responsive parenting creates positive outcomes for the child in secure attachment, language development, cognitive growth, and social competence. 
  • Reduces the amount of work and stress on the parents as it breaks the cycle of demand/stress/increased demand. 
  • Setting realistic expectations for ourselves as parents – 30% is good enough 
  • Practical examples and hands on skills to be responsive to your newborn 
  • Mindfulness techniques for when things aren’t going to plan 
  • Social networks
  • Expert support 
  • Tool kit of strategies for how to actually be responsive 


Emma was an Occupational Therapist and is a Midwife with a Masters in Women’s Health. She has also developed a preparation for parenthood course for the service. Her passion is women’s mental health especially around the perinatal period. In her spare time she enjoys music, reading and hanging out with her kids.


  • Bsc hons Occupational therapy
  • Bsc Midwifery
  • Post graduate diploma community mental health
  • Masters women’s health


WHEN: Tuesday, April 11 @ 6pm-8pm

VENUE: Women’s Health & Wellbeing Services Group Room (Suite 7, Level 1 2232c Albany Hwy GOSNELLS WA)

COST: $35 Concession/$55 General