The Mental Load
By Emma Atkinson, Midwife Is this phrase something you have heard of? Mental load which includes emotional...
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Attachment Parenting
By Emma Atkinson, Midwife Attachment parenting sounded to me like a nightmare, as a parent who struggled...
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Social Interactions with a baby
Social interactions are basically any contact that we have with other people. Everybody’s social interactions...
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Alcohol Consumption in the Perinatal Period
Alcohol consumption is pervasive and socially accepted in many cultures and societies. Women are...
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Perinatal Nutrition
Mood and Food – Nutrition During the Perinatal Period. It is now widely understood...
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Exercise in the Perinatal Period
In the perinatal period we may be prone to higher-than-normal levels of anxiety and depression. This...
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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits
Sleep is important to your overall health. The following recommendations are designed to help you create...
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Mindfulness and Meditation
Simple tips to help reduce stress and anxiety in your pregnancy.
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Multiple pregnancies
Some things to consider if you've just found out you're having a multiple pregnancy.
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