Multiple pregnancies

What to do when there's more than one!

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Midwife and Group Facilitator Emma A talk Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple pregnancies – Wow, thrown in at the deep end! Two or more tiny humans dependent on you. There are any number of additional issues you will need to manage in this situation. Firstly, the person growing the babies is going to have physical impacts on their body which could extend into parenting. This could be from symptoms gained during pregnancy or could be from the type of birth required. If having a cesarean section, then you cannot drive and will have a period of recovery from major surgery where you may be in pain and should avoid lifting and twisting movements.


Breast feeding will be extra complicated if you have multiple pregnancies as you will need a bigger supply of milk and to handle either twin feeding or extended periods of feeding. If you have birthed early, both your body and your babies may not be fully prepared for breastfeeding. If bottle feeding, you will need resources and to be prepared so that you can manage this easily.

Special Care

Your babies may also require some time in a special care nursery, so try to have a tour of where they could be and consider joining a support group to help with this experience. There is a whole new language in hospitals, always ask for explanations of what is going on and be as involved as you can.

Extra Support

You may constantly feel like your babies are competing for your attention and if you have other children, you could feel pulled in many directions at once. You only have one pair of hands and can only complete one task at a time. You will work out ways of meeting everyone’s needs but you may need extra support. Some of these issues put you at greater risk of mental health issues following the birth of your babies, so please reach out for support.


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