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The Hidden World of You offers a range of emotional and mental health courses.

Our online courses focus on the life areas of Mental Health, Motivation and Emotional Health, Parenting, Sex and Legal. 

You can work at your own pace to be the best version of yourself.

Is it time to crack the shell and work out what is on the inside and discover the hidden world of you?

Do you need to work out what you want to hold onto, what you need to let go of, what is serving you and what is weighing you down?

There is no magic pill to finding out who you are or who you want to be. Hidden World of you will help you take steps in the right direction.

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Men and PNDA

Becoming a new dad is a life-changing event. 

Even when change is positive, it can still be mentally and physically challenging. Having mixed and complex emotions as an expecting or new dad is completely normal, but these can be confronting emotions to deal with.

If you’re not feeling yourself, it’s important to know that you don’t have to just suck it up.

Not What I Was Expecting

Motherhood doesn’t always look like a TV commercial. Is your experience of having a baby not what you were expecting?

Becoming a mother is often the most significant event in a woman’s life. So it can be devastating if you find yourself struggling with depression and/or anxiety after having a baby.

The Introduction to Mindfulness course

Get a brief taste of mindfulness practice and theory in a format intended to be accessible to anyone who is new to mindfulness. This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring and implementing some key mindfulness themes and practices in ways that might support them personally, in everyday life and work.

Supporting Children with Anxiety

The Supporting children with anxiety course offers an alternative way of thinking about anxiety and provides practical strategies to try.

Understanding Your Children’s Needs

When our children are struggling with something we really want to help fix it for them! Quite often parents think it’s their FAULT!!!  This course offers you a different way of thinking about difficult behavior and creates an opportunity to learn to meet your child’s needs.