Circle of Security

8 weeks program

Children develop self-regulation through warm and responsive relationships. They also develop it by watching the adults around them. Emotional regulation is not a skill we are born with.

When our children display big feelings, it can feel overwhelming for the adults in their lives. Helping our children learn to self-regulate is an important but at times tricky task.

This workshop will examine how emotional self-regulation develops and how we can help our children acquire this crucial skill.

“I have no idea what I’m doing, who thought it was a good idea for me to be left me in charge of this child?”

Every parent on the planet has thought this to themselves. So what is the answer? We are here to help.

The Circle of Security Parenting program is a practical, solution based course that teaches parents, caregivers, teachers, really just anyone involved with children, how to help kids figure out their emotions and create a calmer environment. If you are looking for your household to be happier, kids to be more content and for your sanity levels to increase, this course could be a good one for you.


WEDNESDAYS 9.30AM to 11.30AM (8 Sessions)

3rd August to 21st September 2022

The program is facilitated by a male therapist with extensive local and national experience in parenting and Father inclusive practice.

Venue: Gosnells Community Lotteries House

2232c Albany Hwy (WHWS Group Room) GOSNELLS WA 6110


INDIVIDUALS – $85 Standard / $55 Conc.

COUPLES – $150 Standard / $90 Conc.

If experiencing genuine financial hardship, contact 9490 2258 today.

About Us

The WA Centre for Perinatal Mental Health and Parenting Support (WACPPS) provides care for the mental health of women and families in Western Australia from the time of conception, during pregnancy and in the first four years of parenting and beyond.

WACPPS has specialised in parenting, perinatal and infant mental health for over 30 years, originating within Gosnell’s Womans Health Services.

We believe in the value of working closely with other health professionals to provide the best possible care for our clients. Perinatal mental health impacts over 5000 women per year in Western Australia.

WA Centre for Perinatal Mental Health and Parenting Support offers in person, telephone and video counselling.

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