During Pregnancy

Mums, have you been feeling down lately? Are you anxious or stressed out? You may not realize it, but these feelings can impact your unborn baby. It’s important to seek help for your mental health during pregnancy.

Perinatal Nutrition
Mood and Food – Nutrition During the Perinatal Period. It is now widely understood...
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Exercise in the Perinatal Period
In the perinatal period we may be prone to higher-than-normal levels of anxiety and depression. This...
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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits
Sleep is important to your overall health. The following recommendations are designed to help you create...
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Mindfulness and Meditation
Simple tips to help reduce stress and anxiety in your pregnancy.
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Multiple pregnancies
Some things to consider if you've just found out you're having a multiple pregnancy.
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Postpartum Conversations
Postpartum conversations to have with your partner about roles and parenting.
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Early pregnancy loss
Unfortunately, early pregnancy loss can occur in 1 in 5 pregnancies. The end of a pregnancy before 20...
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Antenatal Anxiety & Depression (During Pregnancy)
‘Antenatal anxiety or depression’ is the term for anxiety and/ or depression that occurs during pregnancy....
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Perinatal intrusive thoughts, OCD & psychosis
Intrusive thoughts One of the potential symptoms of postnatal depression/ anxiety is persistent worries...
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