Supporting someone with perinatal mental health symptoms

As the support person of someone experiencing perinatal mental health issues it can be a sensitive space to find yourself. There are many things you can do to make this path easier for yourself and the person you are supporting.

Surviving NICU

The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) journey can be a gruelling one. Whether your little love is in NICU for a day or months, the start to your parenting journey is different to what you imagined.

What to expect during pregnancy

Growing a new life, a little human complete with fingers, toes and a sweet little nose, is no mean feat. Our bodies go through monumental changes to make way for the growing baby. Who we are can begin to stretch and expand as well. Some of us are ready for this coming expansion of self and some of us are terrified- and others swing between both! We are going to explore ways to take very good care of yourself at this monumental time in your life, the growing before baby comes.

Sex after birth & pregnancy

parents holding a baby

For some of us, sex just isn’t something we are thinking about in the early days after we have had a baby. Our body doesn’t feel like our own, it looks different after the incredible feat of growing a little human (or more than one). Our hormones are changing very quickly as we move from […]

PNDA: Risk factors, causes & treatment

Because there are a variety of interacting factors that cause PNDA, recovery often involves more than one approach, dealing with both internal and external stressors to address emotional and psychological health as well as attending to practical issues.