Behind the success – kids and anxiety

Kids and anxiety – what others don’t see Make a cuppa – it’s a long one This morning was our Soccer Wind Up. It’s a fabulous and fun occasion; soccer with friends, a bouncy castle, sausage sizzle and awards are handed out to the players. This would be a really exciting time for any young […]

An open conversation about breastfeeding

An open conversation about breastfeeding

Speaking from the perspective of a midwife and a mother who struggled greatly with breastfeeding, the biggest thing I would like to encourage is open conversation about breastfeeding and parenting in general. People have a baby, and they don’t know what to expect and have never seen feeding and parenting in reality. We get such […]

The Importance of Meeting Your Baby’s Needs:

The Importance of Meeting Your Baby's Needs

Empowering New Parents. A message to fellow parents and soon-to-be parents that may need to hear this! I don’t often write for this blog, but recently, I was at a conference and found a repeated message from new mums to be surprising:  the idea that new mums need permission to attend to their baby’s needs. […]

World Breast Feeding Week 2022

breast feeding new born infant

World Breast feeding Week (WBW) is between Aug 1-7. To recognise World Breast Feeding Week, we asked our Preparing for Parenthood facilitator (a midwife with a back ground in Occupational Therapy and Mental Health) to share some thoughts.

Supporting children with anxiety

mother playing with her baby

Supporting children with anxiety can be difficult, and often confronting for parents. It can be hard to know how to best support your child, and what may be causing their anxiety.

Early pregnancy loss

Unfortunately, early pregnancy loss can occur in 1 in 5 pregnancies. The end of a pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation is called a miscarriage.

Perinatal intrusive thoughts, OCD & psychosis

Rear view of mother holding baby boy at beach

Intrusive thoughts One of the potential symptoms of postnatal depression/ anxiety is persistent worries about the wellbeing of your baby.  These might include repetitive thoughts or images about your baby being hurt or harmed in some way and this can be one of the most difficult symptoms for new parents to endure. Sometimes these thoughts […]